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iPhone & Amateurfunk

Der Skipper der SY Coco de Mer ist zugegebenermaßen kein Fachmann im Bereich Amateurfunk. Genau genommen verstehe ich davon genau gar nichts. Da das Thema aber für viele Segler von Interesse ist, stelle ich nachfolgend einige iPhone Apps vor, die sich mit Amateurfunk befassen. Die folgenden Texte sind im Allgemeinen den Herstellerwebsites entnommen.

DX Hunter
DX Hunter • DX-Hunter is an application with focus mainly on amateur radio operators and short wave listeners. With DX-Hunter you’ll find amateur radio stations that are still missing in your log book. Using push notification, DX-Hunter can alert you when stations you need are appearing on the bands even when the app isn't running. No more missing important contacts, no more searching for them.
DX Hunter - Michael Schneider, Nuernberg (Universal App)

CallBook • An Amateur Radio application that allows you to look up call signs via the free WM7D server, the QRZ Online subscription service or the HamCall subscription server and track active APRS stations on Lookup results can be emailed and the QTH can be instantly viewed in the Maps application.
CallBook - Dog Park Software Ltd. (iPhone App)

FreqLoader • More than just a software database, FreqLoader is your connection to radio friends when you're on the road, and assistant when out in the wild. FreqLoader is also there for you when you're at home on or the job, with import/export functions that allow full integration with other software.
FreqLoader - Psychogenic (iPhone App)

Ham Sat
Satellite Ham Radio (HamSat) • HamSat is a visualization/utility application that allows you to see the location of amateur radio satellites tracked by NORAD in realtime over the Earth (up to two satellites may be tracked simultaneously). You can see the Earth rendered either as a 3D globe or a 2D map using photo realistic texture maps for the Earth model. The orientation of the map is easily changed by a simple rotation of the device from portrait (3D) to landscape (2D). In either orientation you can zoom in and out as well as pan using the touch screen. Controls are given to allow you to select: the texture maps used, whether shading is performed, whether to draw political boundaries and if a lat/lon grid should be presented. In addition, the application can calculate the rise/set times for a selected satellite, the Sun or the Moon given either the user entered or network retrieved location.
Satellite Ham Radio (HamSat) - (iPhone App)
HamSatHD - (iPad App)

HAM locator
HamLocator • A small, useful utility for Ham people that returns the grid locator coordinate (up to 10 digits for microwave fans) using gps or gsm cells.
ham Locator - Chiappini Giovanni (iPhone App)

Ham • HAM is a free iPhone Ham radio utility. View solar conditions (solar flux, indices, X-rays, sunspots and calculated band conditions)
Ham - Smerty Software (iPhone App)

Ham Log
HamLog • Amateur Radio logging application for the iPhone and iPod Touch.
HamLog - Pignology (Universal App)

Morse It
Morse It • Morse-It is an easy to use application that allows to translate and interpret Morse code. Type some text and it will be automatically encoded into some fullscreen flashing effect of the associated Morse code. Tap some morse code onto the screen and the program will translate it into some text. Left and right handed modes supported. Test and improve your skills : are you good enough to be understood? The full Morse alphabet can also be consulted and the associated Morse code can be played.
Morse-It - Francis Bonnin (iPhone App)